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Excellent Customer Service
Customer Service is our top priory. iQwest understands the need for quick responses, on point consulting and assistance in all aspects of your case. We work with you on each matter to get the best results for your client in the most cost-effective manner.
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Professional Litigation Support
We are litigation support consultants. Our company has only and will only work in the electronic, information technologies space. We are not your typical copy shop or deposition company turned consultants. With over 2 decades of consulting on the most effective approaches to handling cases, we are in the forefront of handling large document productions in the litigation support industry.
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iQwest's Reputation
iQwest has designed, created and implemented highly effective and often unique technology based solutions in support of the litigation discovery process for over nine years. The Company’s reputation is rapidly emerging as the leading edge provider for consulting...
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Standard Machine Language Translation

Our standard MT service adjusts based on volume and is amongst some of the better quality translations you can get from machines, albeit contextually much less accurate than human translation, mostly used for gisting purposes. We have a tiered pricing level for our standard translations, meaning that each level the price is set for that particular volume. We consider each page of a text file to be 2kb in size.


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