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What our Clients are Saying

“I worked with iQwest and Pete this past year on a high profile, international regulatory matter involving machine translation services that required the development of a time consuming, highly developed seed data and client based dictionary. I was very impressed with Pete's knowledge of MT, his professionalism and his willingness to think creatively to address and solve our client's translation challenges. With his invaluable assistance and dedication in utilizing cutting edge, rule based and content based machine translation technology, we were able attain a level of language comprehension that enabled our client to achieve a very favorable outcome while also saving significant time and money. I would enthusiastically recommend Pete and his team to other companies who are in need of machine translation services.”
~ Practice Support Electronic Discovery Consultant - Firm-Wide at Paul Hastings LLP

“Pete runs a document processing business, whose offerings nicely supplemented those of our Stratify electronic discovery business. He and his iQwest team provided a very useful mix of services, especially in the area of text recognition and language translation. I appreciated his ability to develop advanced technologies without losing sight of the demands of traditional legal document processing. Good luck, Pete and iQwest!”
~ VP at Apigee


“I first started working with iQwest and Pete when I decided to replace a vendor who just was not getting the job done on a concordance OCR coded database. Pete understood concordance, he delivered on time and when dealing with paper iQwest's OCR was the best.

It's now been 7 years, millions of pages, a few terabytes and he and the iQwest team has always been a true professional. They understands a project, provides fabulous advice and delivers great service.....

No matter day or night the iQwest team appears to always deliver or at least let me know that it's not possible to process 'x' amount of data... I appreciate the truthfulness and reality check.

iQwest stresses the importance of planning so when a case explodes its scalable and workable.

iQwest and Pete is often a first call and acts more like a team member looking for the best solution rather than selling you the next hottest car. Similar to the explosion in e- discovery growing pains and people have changed at iQwest over the last 7 years. However, the service, quality and integrity have kept me coming back and keep iQwest and Pete as one of my first calls.”
~ Senior Associate at Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo


“Pete acted as our Project Manager on several projects on multiple cases while I was here at Lewis Brisbois. Each time the results of the processing were done correctly, on-time, and the deliverable impeccable. I would recommend iQwest for processing at any time.”
~ Litigation Support Manager at Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith



CLE Recommendations:

“Thanks to you.  You took a complicated subject and made it understandable to those of us who are not tech savvy!”
~ Attorney at a South Orange County Law Firm


“Best MCLE presentation I’ve been in”

~ Attorney in a Newport Beach, CA Law Firm


“Very informative and current”
~ Attorney in a Newport Beach, CA Law Firm


“Thank you very much for lunch and for the presentation. I know the attorneys enjoyed it because they didn't get up and leave!”
~ Administrator at a South Orange County Law Firm.


“It was the one of the best CLE presentation. Plus, thanks for the free lunch!”
~ Attorney in Orange County


“I enjoyed myself and learned more about e-disc.”
~ Mediator in Orange County, CA


“Excellent and Interesting. Thank you”
~ Attorney in Orange County


“Best MCLE presentation I’ve been in”
~ Attorney in Newport Beach, CA


“Very informative, excellent update, great content”
~ Attorney in Newport Beach, CA


"On Budget, On Time, Every time"