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Why Choose us?

Excellent Customer Service
Customer Service is our top priory. iQwest understands the need for quick responses, on point consulting and assistance in all aspects of your case. We work with you on each matter to get the best results for your client in the most cost-effective manner.
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Professional Litigation Support
We are litigation support consultants. Our company has only and will only work in the electronic, information technologies space. We are not your typical copy shop or deposition company turned consultants. With over 2 decades of consulting on the most effective approaches to handling cases, we are in the forefront of handling large document productions in the litigation support industry.
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iQwest's Reputation
iQwest has designed, created and implemented highly effective and often unique technology based solutions in support of the litigation discovery process for over nine years. The Company’s reputation is rapidly emerging as the leading edge provider for consulting...
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Document Review

  • Full featured Litigation Review Tool Online
  • Unicode
    • Reads & searches Asian, Cyrillic, Arabic and languages made up of double byte words

  • Intelligent Folder Mechanism
  • Publishing Mechanism for Litigation Production ease
  • Full functioning Litigation database
  • Concept Analysis
    • Categorization by folder
    • Summarization by folder
    • Predictive coding using advance Bayesian and mathematical algorithms
  • Product agnostic
    • We work with all platforms to fit your needs
  • Partner with some of the most well known names in the industry
    • Relativity
    • Concordance
    • iPro
    • Exterro
    • Autonony
    • Catalyst
    • And more…

Recognizing that with our penetration into the multilingual market that our Document Discovery Review System would need to be Unicode compliant and thus capable of displaying and searching double byte characters (such as Asian text, Arabic, Cyrillic etc.), iQwest Case Management together with our BabelQwest facility took us instantly out of the starting gate giving us wide recognition for unique multilingual document review capabilities.


Moreover, iQwest Case Management works extremely well as a fully functional litigation support database which makes it far more compelling than the review tools provided by our competitors who after the review must convert their database to a traditional litigation database. This product combined with our highly developed Web portal infrastructure, gives us the power and the differentiation to compete favorably with market leaders.

Firms choose iQwest for its:

  • One-stop native review
  • Foreign language review
  • Support
  • Dynamic Intelligent Folders
  • Larger total file capacity
  • Work flow capabilities
  • Mass coding
  • Tagging of hundreds of document formats
    • TIFF/PDF independent
  • Search and review native documents
    • MS Office Docs
    • Lotus Notes/Domino
    • Up to 126 File Formats
    • Image documents (such as PDF and TIFF)
  • Friendly User Interface
    • Training is cut into minutes
    • Productivity skyrockets


iQwest Case Management Intelligent Folder System has built in Intelligent Folers that organizes:


  • Documents in a dynamic folder tree
    • Easily accessible based on your coded data
      • Resulting in a higher quality review time, as well as a significant decrease in total review time.
  • Searches to be saved and shared.
      • Clients gain complete control over electronic transcripts.
  • Non-English character language review
      • Empowers staff to view and search documents in Unicode languages such as Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic.

  • Has an intelligent, auto-organizing folder structure that is customizable for each library.
  • Unlimited folders can be created using the Library Designer and rules can be created for each folder to govern how you want your document to be organized.

  • Folders can be related to document fields so that new folders are automatically created for new values.


Firms also pick iQwest Case Management for its speed and capacity. iQwest Case Management can handle millions of documents in a litigation database, where speed and functionality are not sacrificed. Because all processing is performed at the server, only keyboard, mouse, and display paints need to be transferred over the often slower link between the client system and the hosting site.


iQwest Case Management offers:

  • Power failure counter measures including redundant primary feeds
  • UPS back up and generator back up (with fuel supply lines established)
  • Extensive HVAC equipment
    • A hardened location with redundant 24-hour physical and Internet security including a facility that backed up all data daily at a separate, hardened location hundreds of miles away

  • Enterprise network resources were readily available for a diversified user base from any location, at any time
  • A closed, secure network with a hardened perimeter, yet flexible enough for all of the disparate locations that users find themselves in:

    • Opposing counsel's offices
    • Client's offices
    • Hotel networks
    • Wireless public spaces, etc.


Access for iQwest Case Management users is carefully regulated by adherence to strict security policies utilizing strict policy enforcement to grant access to secure information domains.


"On Budget, On Time, Every time"