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iQwest Machine Language Translation

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Customer Service is our top priory. iQwest understands the need for quick responses, on point consulting and assistance in all aspects of your case. We work with you on each matter to get the best results for your client in the most cost-effective manner.
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Professional Litigation Support
We are litigation support consultants. Our company has only and will only work in the electronic, information technologies space. We are not your typical copy shop or deposition company turned consultants. With over 2 decades of consulting on the most effective approaches to handling cases, we are in the forefront of handling large document productions in the litigation support industry.
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iQwest has designed, created and implemented highly effective and often unique technology based solutions in support of the litigation discovery process for over nine years. The Company’s reputation is rapidly emerging as the leading edge provider for consulting...
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Concept Analysis Language Translation

  • Suite of machine language translation tools batch process foreign language documents into English

  • ESI Translation processing

  • Database integration services maintains link between native record and translated output

  • Processes to English from our exceptional multilingual OCR and Translation tools

  • Our most successful service products to date!

iQwest Machine Language Translation service (Babel Qwest) is a suite of multilingual tools and experience sets that give iQwest clients a tremendous edge when involved with foreign language documents. 


In the realm of machine translation we have developed tools, processes and technologies that have no equal.  We are only one of two providers that have adopted a language training mechanism from your clients’ documents corpus to improve the quality of translations.  We call this service EMT (Enhanced Machine Translation) and the process of training occurs with every case we process using EMT.  What sets us apart:

  • Speed in which we process this data

  • Price points (cost is per document v. per word)

iQwest is the unquestioned leader with its ability to accurately recognize and convert from image to digital, foreign-language characters.  We fine-tuned this capability a number of years ago during one of the large cases involving a large multi-national Japanese Corporation.


By using advanced (Bayesian based) machine language translation techniques against either converted OCR output or native electronic files, we have once again distinguished ourselves from the few other companies who address that problem.  Combining these processes (accurate multilingual OCR and machine language translation) makes us even more distinctive still.  Imagine for example applying a machine analytics tool against unstructured text for any purpose.  If that text was inaccurately captured by OCR, then of course the output of machine analytics would necessarily be seriously flawed.


We offer machine translation (MT) services at two levels of service and pricing depending on the number of documents and the main intent behind translating the documents. We can also run free tests of smaller samples for you. Although with our Advanced MT service small test examples do not do justice to its capability as we utilize a very unique training mechanism for this process. We can still apply parts of it to our Standard MT service, although it will not be with as much detail.


Standard Machine Language Translation Service
Enhanced Machine Language Translation Service


  • Due to our technology, we are able to translate and cull down your foreign document review in a matter of days v. weeks/months and cost is per document v per word.  Saving your client both time and money.

The iQwest Advantage:

  • Translations that are much closer to their human translated counterparts

  • System designed to deal with tight timelines

  • Throughput can scale beyond the standard 50k documents per day

  • Pricing for such a system is designed to allow the case team to realize an immediate ROI compared to the overall case costs


Case Studies:

iQwest was recently called upon to translate half of a one million document production, with the other half being performed by our competitor.  Due to our processing, the client has used us to translate another 7 million documents for a complex matter in a quarter of the time they were receiving from our competitor. 


  • Using internal attorneys within your firm to search English documents
  • Not hiring an army of foreign contract attorneys
  • Increasing your bottom line

Awarded “Matter of the Year” by Global Competition Review:  iQwest saved our client over 2 million dollars in processing fees and was able to conclude the case much earlier than originally anticipated.  The case involved the production of documents to a regulatory authority that were machine translated utilizing iQwest Enhanced Machine Translation (EMT) technology.  This process involves human training of the translation engines and dictionaries to achieve many times better translation quality, getting us ever closer to actual human translation. 


Case Usage Example:

  • Website translations
  • Document Localizations
  • Pre-Human Translation
  • Integrating results into Client Relationship Management (CRM) infrastructures
  • Culling the number of Potentially responsive documents
  • Integrating results into Litigation Case Management tools


"On Budget, On Time, Every time"