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Why Choose us?

Excellent Customer Service
Customer Service is our top priory. iQwest understands the need for quick responses, on point consulting and assistance in all aspects of your case. We work with you on each matter to get the best results for your client in the most cost-effective manner.
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Professional Litigation Support
We are litigation support consultants. Our company has only and will only work in the electronic, information technologies space. We are not your typical copy shop or deposition company turned consultants. With over 2 decades of consulting on the most effective approaches to handling cases, we are in the forefront of handling large document productions in the litigation support industry.
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iQwest's Reputation
iQwest has designed, created and implemented highly effective and often unique technology based solutions in support of the litigation discovery process for over nine years. The Company’s reputation is rapidly emerging as the leading edge provider for consulting...
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Coding Plus


Our enhanced coding plus is a comprehensive affordable solution for litigation support professionals to be able to concrete on their clients and be able to find the information they need faster.







  • Manually coded
  • Doc Date
  • Doc Type
  • Unitization (Logical Doc Determined)
  • Author/Organization
  • Recipient/Organization
  • CC/Organization
  • Full Text Search*
  • Names in Text*
  • Marginalia
  • Attachment Range
  • Subject/Re (enhanced)
  • Near "Cleansed" OCR
  • Full OCR & Coded Integration to database
  • Full Bibliography Coding (except Full Text Search and Names in Text)


Why use Coding Plus?

  • Low Cost
  • Comprehensive Coding
  • Quality OCR
  • Accuracy of work
  • Manually Coded and Quality Checked
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Works with Industry Standard Databases and Viewers

Additional features of Coding Plus

  • 1 – 1 relationship between OCR text page and physical page

  • Hypertext link between OCR pages and images
  • PDF option
  • OCR page format the same as that of image
  • 99 plus percent accuracy for OCT
  • Accurate Names-in-Text provided at no additional charge


  • With Codingplus OCR services (99+%) is not uncommon to search though three to four pages before finding and OCR error (3d generation or newer)

  • Most OCR services boast 95% accuracy. At that rate, five characters out of every 100 (or 100 characters on a typical page) are inaccurate.

  • OCR is not ordinarily provided with Full Bib Coding; and is additional charged when provided.

  • Full Bib providers normally charge this field additionally, on a per page basis.

  • With most Full Bib providers, enhanced subject is additionally charged.

  • This solution provides much lower quality OCR results and NO logical uitization. Therefore, the record containing the OCR "hits" may be many logical documents resulting in more time for researchers to locate specific references.

"On Budget, On Time, Every time"