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Customer Service is our top priory. iQwest understands the need for quick responses, on point consulting and assistance in all aspects of your case. We work with you on each matter to get the best results for your client in the most cost-effective manner.
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We are litigation support consultants. Our company has only and will only work in the electronic, information technologies space. We are not your typical copy shop or deposition company turned consultants. With over 2 decades of consulting on the most effective approaches to handling cases, we are in the forefront of handling large document productions in the litigation support industry.
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iQwest has designed, created and implemented highly effective and often unique technology based solutions in support of the litigation discovery process for over nine years. The Company’s reputation is rapidly emerging as the leading edge provider for consulting...
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Bibliographic Coding


  • This is a two-step process that combines features from Coding Plus and CP Lite at a similar price point to the CP Lite product

  • We initially code Doc Date and Doc Type in the first step.

  • Then the client determines which subset of doc types (lower number of documents) need additional coding for author, recipient, subject, cc, bcc, and other fields. Increasing the information being coded at a much lower price point then a full coding product.

  • Saving the client time and money


  • ESI Coding
    • Code file with operative date, type or names

      • For documents scanned years after actual creation date.
        • Example:
          • Contract created and signed 5/15/10
          • Scanned into .pdf file 8/24/14
          • ESI process usually extracts the electronic date of the scan (8/24/14), which is not in fact the operative date of the contract.

          • iQwest will perform coding on the subject documents after the ESI processing has completed and embed the operative date of 5/15/10 into a new field, thus enhancing the characteristics the client can search within this document.

          • Can be applied to a select number of document types of dates based on client input.

        • This process can be expanded to include a variety of other fields that are normally not captured correctly for specific document types.


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